NASCAR on life support??

NASCAR on life support??

Postby 4banger11 » January 23rd, 2017, 7:01 pm

Opinions on the NASCAR changes with each race broke into 3 parts announced today.

IMO this removes any kind of strategy in the races, and it make the Charlotte all star race seem like a regular event now..
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Re: NASCAR on life support??

Postby raceaholic » April 25th, 2017, 3:49 pm

After this year the life support will be turned off.
First Mark Martin, then Tony, then Gordon, then Edwards now Jr.

Think the stands look empty now. :(

MY OPINION for this trend:
The above mentioned drivers are very wealthy and have several other money making deals going on.
Drivers did not make the kind of $$$ they do today so they had to stay in the sport longer.
With head injuries being exposed more and more and their long lasting effects, no need to take the risk.
NASCAR bringing the drivers family to the tracks backfired on them as well.
Drivers saw there is more to life than racing and now think more about their wives and children concerns.

The average age for a NASCAR driver today is younger than ever.
The average age for drivers to retire will also become very young.

Yes this is NASCAR but it will have some negative effect on the weekly fan base as well.
I see many Earnhardt Jr. t-shirts in the stands at weekly programs.
Just like when his dad passed away and his fans just stopped being interested in the sport.
This is an Earnhardt and many of his fathers fans became Jr. fans and they will leave the sport as well.
This will be big.

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